What is Uniview?

Established in 2005, Uniview is the 4th largest manufacturer of IP video surveillance equipment:

  • Majority of their product lineup is NDAA complaint
  • Focused on small-medium business vertical
  • Positioned similar to Hikvision & Dahua, better brand reputation
Uniview invests over 10% of their annual revenue into product R&D

Uniview Products and Technologies

Uniview manufacturers a variety of security products, however their main focus is on Network Video Recorders and IP Cameras. They have three product lines targeting different industries and security requirements.

  • The Uniview Easy Series is cost-effective yet powerful enough to protect homes and small businesses.
  • The Prime Series is a step up, with cameras that have built-in AI algorithms to detect people and vehicles.
  • Uniview Pro Series cameras are extremely powerful; for enterprise business who want the best protection and advanced features.

In addition to hardware, Uniview also develops VMS software for streaming and managing cameras. They have a suite of apps for smartphones including EZView, EZLive, and EZControl.

Uniview’s desktop software includes EZStation 3.0, EZTools 2.0, and EZPlayer.

Uniview Security Cameras

The fundamental strength of Uniview is their ability to make security cameras that are reliable, NDAA approved, ONVIF complaint, and perform well in a variety of environments. When installed properly, a Uniview security camera can last for 5-10 years without issue, even in icy -35°C winters and hot humid summers.

Another benefit is Uniview’s dedicated to R&D; they release new product lines on a regular basis. One of their latest innovations is a Dual-lens PTZ that features a panoramic 95° field of view, and a 25x zoom pan-tilt-zoom lens that captures details up to 1624 ft away.

Uniview has 250+ IP cameras available for a wide variety of scenarios

Uniview Network Video Recorders (NVR)

A video surveillance system wouldn’t be complete without a place to store the recordings. Univew has a variety of Network Video Recorders:

  • Entry level 4ch to 8ch for small systems
  • Mid-range 16 to 64ch for commercial projects
  • Enterprise 128ch and 256ch with RAID capabilities

All of Uniview’s NVRs are capable of smart features such as one-click firmware upgrades, push/email notifications, and adding to a smartphone by scanning a QR code. Additionally, they are backed by a 3-year warranty, however you’ll rarely need to use it.

The higher-end Uniview NVR302 series and above are capable of advanced features such as license plate recognition, POS integration, and AI human/vehicle detection.

Uniview NVRs have tons of features built-in, adding value for installers and end-users

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Uniview FAQs

Yes, approximately 95% of Uniview’s NVR and camera products are NDAA compliant. For a full list of compliant products, please visit Uniview’s official list (updated on a regular basis).

Uniview cameras are price competitive with the established security cameras brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, and Ubiquiti. The typical price range for Uniview security cameras are from ~$200 to $600 per camera.

The exact price of a security camera depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Resolution & framerate
  • Lens type (fixed vs varifocal)
  • Camera material (plastic vs metal)
  • Performance in low-light
  • Built-in analytics
  • Additonal features (microphone, alarm inputs, etc.)

Generally, a higher priced camera will have better features than a cheaper camera. We suggest selecting the best security camera according to your budget and video surveillance needs.

Uniview is a separate company from Dahua and Hikvision. Uniview is committed to making its products transparent and secure. They are the 4th largest video surveillance company in global market share. 

You can read more about Uniview as a company on their website; including a virtual 360° tour of their offices and manufacturing facility –https://en.uniview.com/About_Us/Company/

Uniview offers a 3-year limited warranty for all products with the exception of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras which have a 2-year warranty. Be aware that Uniview’s warranty may not be supported if the equipment was purchased from an Unauthorized Reseller.

Yes, we offer shipping within North America. Our warehouse is located in Toronto, ON and we have excellent shipping rates and lead times across all provinces and territories.

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