BDC-S1510 – 8-Port Gigabit PoE+ Switch

This is a full Gigabit 8-port PoE+ switch for video surveillance or small office networks. It has a power budget of 120W – perfect for powering IP phones, security cameras, and wireless access points. It has eight Gigabit PoE+ ports and two Gigabit uplink ports.


BDCOM S1500 Series is a full-gigabit smart POE switch with a large buffer memory introduced by BDCOM. It is designed for the video surveillance and wireless coverage in the  medium and small networks. BDCOM S1500 Series has three models: S1510-8P, S1518-16P and S1526-24P, which meets the need of networks of different scales.

BDC-S1510-8P is a Gigabit PoE+ switch optimized for video surveillance – it can also be used in home or small office networks for your PoE-enabled devices.

Switching Characteristics

  • Non-block switching architecture and wire-speed forwarding supported by all ports
  • Large buffer memory with no video interruption
  • IEEE802.3x full duplex flow control and back pressure half-duplex flow control
  • Multi functional dial-code which meets the requirement of different networking environments

PoE Characteristics

  • Meets the IEEE802.3af/at standard – supports up to 30W PoE per port
  • Large power PoE power supply and full-port 802.3af full-load
  • Smart standard 48V PoE power supply, power supply based on the terminal auto-negotiation
  • Short-circuit protection and over current protection