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About Uniview Security Equipment

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Uniview products are suitable for a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, and construction.

About XLR Security

XLR Security is locally owned and operated in Canada. We offer a large selection of security cameras for residential and commercial applications. We also offer value-added services such as tech support, same-day pickup, camera reviews, and more. We address your needs directly, ensuring you choose the right camera for the job every time.

Uniview Security Kits

Uniview Package Kits are very popular for residential and small office installations due to their affordability and ease of use. The kits come with an NVR, hard drive, and 2-4 cameras depending on which package you select. Perfect for the person who needs a professional security system without the bells and whistles found in the more expensive cameras.

For customers who want something a little better, Uniview’s LightHunter and ColorHunter cameras offer outstanding performance in low-light applications. We put them to the test in our 2022 blog article: Uniview LightHunter vs ColorHunter – XLR Security

Uniview Hybrid Recorders

If you’re upgrading an older analog / TVI security system, checkout our Uniview Hybrid NVR’s. These hybrid recorders have BNC inputs on the back, allowing you to connect your old analog camerasto the system. Since these are hybrid systems, you can also add IP cameras to these recorders. Ensure you check the specsheet for each model thoroughly to determine how many cameras it can support.

Uniview Network Video Recorders

Uniview has a wide range of video recorders ranging from 4 channels to 256 channels. Uniview NVR’s are fully ONVIF compatible, allowing for integration with third party cameras. In addition, they are plug & play compatible with Uniview cameras: This means UNV cameras are automatically added to the Uniview NVR without any configuration required.

Uniview Camera Mounting Accessories

Uniview also manufactures a variety of mounting hardware for their cameras, such as junction boxes, wall brackets, ceiling mounts, and more. To find out which brackets are compatible with your camera, you can download the Uniview IPC Accessories Installation Guide (2022 Q1).

In addition, you can see a list of compatible accessories for each camera towards the end of the product specsheet. Camera specsheets can be downloaded on each product page.

Uniview Product Guide (2022)

Every year Uniview releases an update product guide a full list of their products and features. In addition, the product guide contains useful information about new features added to Uniview cameras this year. These innovations include improved video analytics and LightHunter technology.

View the latest Uniview Product Guide here: Uniview Product Guide – 2022