Dahua vs Uniview 8MP Turret – Image Quality

We compared the image quality between an 8MP turret camera from Uniview and a similar camera from Dahua. Both cameras performed very well, with a slight edge going to Uniview for great colour reproduction and accuracy.

BDCOM – Company Introduction & Product Lineup

BDCOM manufactures a variety of network switches, wireless access points, PON (passive optical network) systems, and fiber optic modules. Their company headquarters is located in China, and they are a fully private company.

Testing Uniview’s New 8MP ColorHunter Cameras

The Uniview 8MP ColorHunter is capable of recording sharp, clear images 24/7. We put this camera to the test by bringing it on a visit to Niagara Falls in order to determine how well it could handle the challenging environments.

Uniview 5MP Analog Camera Review: Worth it in 2023?

This review takes a deep dive into Uniview's latest release; a 5MP HD Analog ColorHunter camera with a powerful white LED and built-in microphone. We took multiple snapshots from the camera to measure its image quality during different hours of the day.