Questions About XLR Security

We sell security cameras ranging on the lower end (analog) for less than $100 per camera, all the way up to high end 4K PTZ cameras costing a few thousand dollars. The typical price range for Uniview security cameras are from ~$200 to $600 per camera (in Canadian Dollars).

The exact price of a camera depends on a number of factors, including the housing type (plastic vs metal), resolution, performance in low-light, built-in analytics, and a variety of other factors. Generally, a more expensive camera will have better features than a cheaper camera. We suggest selecting the best security camera according to your budget and video surveillance needs.

At XLR Security, our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with quick and accurate support. That’s why we make it easy to search our catalog of security cameras and alarm systems on our website. 

We also aim to educate our clients on each brand we carry, so you can make an informed decision about our equipment.

Yes, we offer shipping within North America. Our warehouse is located in Toronto, ON and we have excellent shipping rates and lead times across all provinces and territories.

Shipping Lead Times Below:

  • Ontario and Quebec: ~1-2 business days
  • Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan: ~2-4 business days
  • British Columbia: ~3-5 business days
  • Newfoundland, New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia: ~3-5 business days
  • Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut: ~4-7 business days

Absolutely, you can pick up your order from our office/warehouse located at 1040 Martin Grove Rd Unit 4, Etobicoke, ON M9W 4W4.

We are open Mon-Fri from 9AM-5PM. You can pick up anytime during those hours.

Yes, we have a hassle-free 30-day return policy.

We ask that you try to return the product in the same condition as you received it, but we understand that’s not always possible. Therefore, we ask that you try to return the product in the best condition possible.

You can become open an account and start purchasing if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a valid business registration number
  • Your company installs or services CCTV equipment
  • You are located within North America

Please download and complete our Dealer Application Form. Afterwards, email the form to and if everything checks out, we will open an account for you within 1-2 days.

XLR Security is owned and operated by Jaeden Wiens; you can connect with and message him on LinkedIn.

Our checkout process is secure; we handle your personal and credit card information in a way that meets PCI compliance standards.

  • We do not store your CC number in plain text anywhere in our database, either physically and digitally.
  • We only take credit card information over the phone. Never by email or text.
  • We type your card information into our POS Terminal provided by Clover.
  • If you give us permission, we will save your payment information on Clover’s file.
  • Once your card information has been saved, our employees can only see the first six and last four digits of your card
  • The middle six digits of your credit card are shown as ‘*’ symbols and we have no way to access this information.
  • If you have a suggestion for how we can do better, please Contact Us.

Our Technical Support Policy

Questions About Uniview

Uniview is a separate company from Dahua and Hikvision. Uniview is committed to making its products transparent and secure. They are the 4th largest video surveillance company in global market share. 

You can read more about Uniview as a company on their website; including a virtual 360° tour of their offices and manufacturing facility –

Uniview offers a 3-year limited warranty for all products with the exception of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras which have a 2-year warranty. Be aware that Uniview’s warranty may not be supported if the equipment was purchased from an Unauthorized Reseller.

You can download the Uniview IPC Accessories Installation Guide (2022 Q1). This document can help you choose the right bracket for your camera.

Yes, Uniview’s cameras are fully compatible with Control4’s platform.  For best results, download the Chowmain Uniview Driver for Control 4. This driver is developed using Uniview’s LightAPI and is compatible with all Uniview NVR and Cameras.

Yes, approximately 95% of Uniview’s NVR and camera products are NDAA compliant. For a full list of compliant products, please visit Uniview’s official list (updated on a regular basis).

Uniview LightHunter cameras have a BSI (back-side illuminated) sensor, which is more sensitive to light. Additionally, Uniview uses a special lens that allows for 36% more light to reach the image sensor compared to a conventional camera lens. Therefore, Uniview LightHunter cameras are especially great at capturing light compared to other cameras, resulting in less noise and better image quality.

Uniview ColorHunter cameras are built atop of the same platform as the LightHunter cameras. They have the added benefit of white light LEDs, which turn on at night in order to capture a colourful image. Uniview ColorHunter LEDs produce neutral white light (~3500K) which reduces light pollution and guarantees colour accuracy.

LightHunter Technology Overview: Uniview LightHunter Technology

ColorHunter Technology Overview: Uniview ColorHunter Brochure 2022

Yes, there are specific models of Uniview cameras which are available in black. You can find them by typing “-BK” into the search bar.

The models of Uniview camera which are available in black include fixed dome and turret cameras. In addition, a few PTZ models are also available in black.

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