BDC-S2928-P – 24 Gigabit + 4 10-GBE Uplink Ports

24-Port Gigabit PoE+ switch, 4 SFP 10-Gigabit ports, Supports VLAN/QoS/Port Isolation/ACL/SSH features, 370W Power Budget, Rack Mountable


The S2900 L3-lite Series is a next-generation aggregation 10GE switch introduced by BDCOM. It is targeted at the IP MAN (metropolitan area network), government and enterprise networks, Internet cafe and diskless working environment. It is developed on the basis of high performance hardware and BDROS – a software platform with BDCOM own independent intellectual property rights. It supports functions such as powerful ACL, flexible QinQ, 1:1 or N:1 VLAN switching, Ethernet OAM, carrier-level QoS and industry-level 10GE Ether-ring, ensuring this switch series meets application requirements in all kinds of complicated sites. It also supports layer-3 routing protocol.

Key Features

  • 24* Gigabit PoE+ ports
  • 4* 10-Gigabit SFP ports
  • Layer-2+ features such as: VLAN/QoS/Port Isolation/ACL/SSH & more
  • Compact, fits in 1U rack space
  • 370W total power budget