TR-UP06-IN – Uniview pole mount bracket for WM03 / JB07

Uniview pole mount bracket for TR-JB07-IN or TR-WM-03/04 with TR-JB07-IN


TR-UP06-IN is pole mount adapter that fits with TR-WM03-B, TR-WM03-D, and TR-JB07-IN. You can easily mount a security camera to a pole with a diameter of 2.6 – 5 inches, using the included metal rings. You can double up the rings for mounting with larger poles, or replace the included rings with your own.


Bracket TR-UP06-IN
Application Outdoor, pole or rail installation
Dimensions(L × W × H) 136mmx127mmx62.4mm (5.4”x5.0”x2.5”)
Embrace hoop diameter 67mm~127mm(2.6”~5”)
Weight 0.75kg(1.65lb)
Material Galvanized sheet