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BDCOM – Company Introduction & Product Lineup

Established in 1994, Shanghai Baud Data Communication (BDCOM) is a leading manufacturer of networking and communications equipment. They invented the first commercialized router for the Chinese domestic market.

Their headquarters is located in Shanghai, and they have 50+ offices worldwide. Recently, they have focused on expanding their lineup of high-performance networking equipment to the North American market.

Where is BDCOM’s head office?

BDCOM is a company that is headquartered in China, and a majority of their employees are Chinese. However, BDCOM is a fully private company. This means they are not owned by the Chinese government, which separates them from other state-owned networking companies such as Huawei and ZTE Corporation.

BDCOM does not currently face any import or trade restrictions from the US government.

BDCOM Networking Equipment

BDCOM manufactures a variety of network switches, wireless access points, PON (passive optical network) systems, and fiber optic modules. Some of the equipment they carry is robust enough to be used in data centers and telecommunication networks.

In this article, I will focus on their equipment lines for small-medium businesses and residential. These include their PoE switches, managed switches, and wireless APs.

BDCOM attends the OFC conference in California
BDCOM attends the 2023 Optical Fiber Communication Conferenece in Califoria

PoE Switches for Video Surveillance

BDCOM has a variety of PoE switches which feature helpful features such as extended PoE up to 250m and 30w PoE+ power output. These range from their 4-port PoE switch, up to their largest 24-port PoE switch.

These switches are focused on cost-effectiveness, so they typically employ 10/100Mbps ports for PoE, with Gigabit uplink ports for linking up to the rest of the network. This is similar to how an NVR operates.

Also, you can use these switches to power other PoE devices such as IP phone systems, or home automation. Look for BDCOM devices ending with -4P, -8P, -16P, and -24P. These designate how many PoE ports are available on the switch.

BDCOM 8-port PoE switch with the retail box in the background
The BDCOM S1010-8P features two uplink ports with up to 120W PoE budget.

Managed Switches for Enterprise Networking

We also carry BDCOM’s managed switches, which have Layer-2+ features such as VLAN, QoS, Port Isolation, ACL, SSH, etc. These are typically used in applications where you have a dedicated IT person in charge of managing the network.

A managed switch allows you to assign VLANs within a network, which can result in additional security, priority bandwidth to important devices, and the ability to remotely monitor the switch via SSH.

This can be useful in a video surveillance application, as it allows you quickly troubleshoot issues with the network. For example, you can see if the camera is not working because of a cable issue, or simply a misconfigured IP address.

BDCOM managed switches start with BDC-2xxx in the model number. This signifies the presence of layer-2+ features on the device. They also have a console port and a management IP address of, allowing you to login and configure settings on the device.

Web interface for BDCOM switch showing a menu with L3 Config features including VLAN, DHCP, and static routing
The web interface for BDCOM managed switches allows you set VLANs and other Layer 2/3 features.

Wireless Access Points (for Wi-Fi connectivity)

Looking for an affordable, yet powerful wireless access point for your business? You’ll want to consider the WAP2100-T22D-W2, which compares similarly to the UniFi AC Lite and TP-Link Omada APs. These are ceiling mounted access points, with a removable bracket for easy installation.

Boasting a 3dBi antenna, this access point is suitable for up to 200 users, with best performance at 80 users or less. It can be powered via 48V PoE, or 12V DC 1.5A power adapter. This makes it suitable to pair up with BDCOM’s PoE switches.

BDCOM also has an in-wall access point, which can be used in hotels and education. Or, you can simply mount it to the wall beside your router for Wi-Fi coverage around your home or office.

Web interface for BDCOM switch showing a menu with L3 Config features including VLAN, DHCP, and static routing
BDCOM in-ceiling wireless access points are sleek, modern, and support up to 1167Mbps bandwidth

Where can I purchase BDCOM networking equipment?

We are a full stocking distributor for BDCOM network switches and wireless access points. You can purchase BDCOM from our company, XLR Security.

First, you’ll need to sign up for a dealer account with us. Then, you can browse our large selection of BDCOM equipment, and place your order with any of our sales team.

If you have any questions about BDCOM products, please contact XLR Security and we’ll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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