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Uniview Security Advantages

A Transparent and Secure Manufacturer

The number of internet-connected devices used in residential and commercial applications continues to grow at an alarming rate. If any of these devices have a vulnerability or exploit, they will compromise the security of the network. Thus, it’s important to be wary of connecting devices to your network and understand the potential risks.

As one of the leading manufacturers of security cameras worldwide, Uniview is committed to making its products transparent and secure. On their website, Uniview publishes a notice of security best practices including strong password requirements and minimum port mapping. Uniview’s security features are built-in to each of their products, allowing for a reliable product experience free of worry.

Uniview – A Culture of Responsibility

At the heart of Uniview’s cybersecurity efforts is their culture of “High-Quality Security” with an aim to match the standard in German industrial manufacturing.

While some companies have such a poor record of security, having been actively banned from FCC approval in the USA, Uniview is not one of them. Instead, Uniview continues to innovate new NDAA compliant products while sticking to its pledge for excellent security.

Uniview – Few CVE Records

A CVE record is a publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerability published by the CVE Team and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As of February 3rd, 2022 Uniview only has 2 CVE records on file, which is far less compared to other popular security camera manufacturers.

Additionally, Uniview is committed to publishing the latest security vulnerabilities on its website in a transparent fashion. You can view their latest security report here – Security Notice—Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.

Uniview Security CVE Records Search
Only two CVE records indicate a proven history of good security.

Uniview – Cloud Firmware Upgrades

Also, Uniview was one of the first major security companies to make cloud upgrading available on their cameras and NVRs. Today, they still make cloud upgrades readily available on their equipment and also through the EZTools 2.0 software. Be sure to keep your equipment up-to-date for the most secure firmware and peace of mind!

For information on how to upgrade your device to the latest firmware please read Uniview’s article – How to upgrade the device?


In summary, there are many options available for consumers looking to purchase a security camera system today. Therefore, it’s important to understand the cybersecurity aspect of the equipment; especially if it’s connected to the internet. Thankfully, you can always be satisfied when you install a Uniview security camera that the device is ready to work without any security vulnerabilities.

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