Dahua vs Uniview 8MP Turret – Image Quality

We compared the image quality between an 8MP turret camera from Uniview and a similar camera from Dahua. Both cameras performed very well, with a slight edge going to Uniview for great colour reproduction and accuracy.

BDCOM – Company Introduction & Product Lineup

BDCOM manufactures a variety of network switches, wireless access points, PON (passive optical network) systems, and fiber optic modules. Their company headquarters is located in China, and they are a fully private company.

Testing Uniview’s New 8MP ColorHunter Cameras

The Uniview 8MP ColorHunter is capable of recording sharp, clear images 24/7. We put this camera to the test by bringing it on a visit to Niagara Falls in order to determine how well it could handle the challenging environments.

Uniview 5MP Analog Camera Review: Worth it in 2023?

This review takes a deep dive into Uniview's latest release; a 5MP HD Analog ColorHunter camera with a powerful white LED and built-in microphone. We took multiple snapshots from the camera to measure its image quality during different hours of the day.

How Far Can a PTZ Camera See?

We put a Uniview 25x PTZ to the test to see exactly how far it is capable of seeing. Can it read license plates at 140m? How about faces? The results may surprise you.

Uniview IP Camera Accessories Explained

If you're planning to install a security system made by Uniview, you'll need to do a bit of research to find out which accessories work with your cameras. These accessories…

Uniview 4MP Dual Light Turret Camera Review

Uniview's new 4MP Dual Light camera has so many features such as two-way audio and ultra motion detection. Additionally, this camera has built-in white LED light and IR illumination.

Is Uniview Compatible with Hikvision?

As a Uniview distributor, we get asked a lot of questions about security cameras. One of the most common questions we get asked is: "Do Uniview cameras work on Hikvision…