Guide to Installing a Wireless Elevator Camera

Before installing a camera inside of an elevator, you need to be aware of any legal requirements in your area. There may be a provincial or state law requiring you to have an “Elevating Device Mechanic“ certification.

Uniview LightHunter vs ColorHunter: What’s the Difference?

In 2019, Uniview released their LightHunter series cameras.[1] Their LightHunter technology significantly improves image quality in low-light scenes. Innovative technologies are used, such as TDNR noise reduction, large BSI image sensors, and circuit noise reduction.

How to Update Uniview Cameras Firmware

Importance of Firmware UpgradesIt’s important to keep your camera’s firmware upgraded to the latest version for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, vulnerabilities are discovered in the firmware which can be…

Should I Use a 2.8mm or 4.0mm Lens?

Security Camera Lens Types In the security industry today, there are two common lens types used: Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lens. For fixed lenses, you will often find them in…

Why Uniview is the Preferred Brand for Security Installers

Uniview is a brand of network security cameras with a focus on delivering quality security cameras at an affordable price. Next, Uniview is also a brand that values partnerships with local distributors, dealers, and customers. Lastly, the brand represents a product that is easy to install and intuitive for people to use.

Introducing ProdataKey – Cloud Access Control

Based out of Utah, PDK has been in business since 2011. Their solution includes a fully cloud-based platform, multiple types of high security readers, and Ethernet-based door controllers. The PDK cloud platform is streamlined and powerful, allowing for full configuration and management from any internet-connected device.