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5 Alternatives to Hikvision with Similar Features & Pricing

If you’ve owned a Hikvision system in the past, you may know they are prone to cybersecurity issues and have been banned by multiple governments worldwide. So, while Hikvision cameras perform well and have lots of great features, we recommend you choose an alternative for your next CCTV system.

Thankfully there are lots of great options available when it comes to security cameras. See below for our list of five alternatives to Hikvision.

1. Uniview

Uniview's corporate headquarters in Hangzhou City. A large, well lit skyscraper with a modern design.
Uniview's corporate office is located in Hangzhou City – they also have 17 international branches.

Uniview has been around since 2011 – they focus on providing security equipment that is cost-effective and reliable. Most of their cameras are NDAA compliant, meaning they can be installed in government facilities such as hospitals, universities, and train stations.

Based on client feedback, many people who switch from Hikvision to Uniview are happy with their new system. Uniview makes it easy to view your cameras from the EZView App on your smartphone. You can also browser the cameras from EZStation 3.0, which is a desktop app for Windows and MacOS.

Overall, Uniview offers a compelling experience for those switching from Hikvision. To see how their cameras perform, check out this article: Hikvision vs Uniview – 4MP Turret Showdown



  • Only available through distributors (such as XLR Security)
  • Some models not available in North America
  • Not as well-known compared to Hikvision
Hanwha's corporate headquarters located in Korea. A large skyscraper office building.
Located in Seoul, the employees of Hanwha are also involved in aerospace, defense, and energy.

Compared to Hikvision, the cameras made by Hanwha are higher quality and more secure. They used to be owned by Samsung, but span off in 2015 and rebranded themselves as Hanwha Techwin.

As a South Korean company, Hanwha is known for their innovative approach to security cameras. They recently announced the world’s first embedded server within a camera, which is called the SolidEDGE series. They also have a unique feature called Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) – this compensates for the slight distortion caused by wide angle lenses.

If you’re looking for a professional manufacturer that’s non-chinese, then Hanwha is an excellent choice.


  • Focus on cybersecurity – custom SoC
  • Made in Korea & Vietnam
  • Up to 8k resolution available
  • Quality control & reliability


  • Only available through distributors
  • Steeper learning curve
  • More expensive than Hikvision
A large skyscraper office building with the Dahua Technology logo on the side. A busy city in the background.
Dahua Technology is one of the largest CCTV manufacturers in the world.

Dahua and Hikvision are two of the largest CCTV manufacturers – they also compare similarly in terms of price and features. They offer an extensive range of cameras, from basic cameras to the latest cutting-edge cameras for niche applications.

It’s important to note that Dahua has had a bit of controversy in the news – they have been completely banned by the US government due to national security concerns.

If you plan to install Dahua in your home or business, make sure you have a router with a firewall. You can also put the Dahua recorder in a separate VLAN – this should ensure your network is safe in the event of any vulnerabilities.



A website for Lorex showing a wireless security camera mounted to a piece of wood.
Lorex is a popular choice for residential and small businesses. They are a subsidiary of Dahua Technologies.

Lorex is commonly sold in big box stores such as Best Buy and Costco. This makes them easier to buy compared to the other brands on this list, which must be bought through select distributors.

The cameras from Lorex perform reasonably well – their main selling point is affordability, especially when purchased in a security kit. If you need a simple security system for your home or office, Lorex is a good choice.

However, the build quality of Lorex cameras leaves something to be desired, since most of their cameras have a plastic housing. They also engage in false marketing practices, such as claiming that their cameras are colour at night – with a disclaimer that you need ambient lighting for it to work.



  • Potential reliability issues (plastic housing)
  • False marketing practices
  • Difficult to get tech support
A large skyscraper office building with the Dahua Technology logo on the side. A busy city in the background.
Tiandy's corporate office is located in Tianjin, the 7th largest city in China.

Tiandy is the smallest manufacturer on this list – they offer a viable alternative to Hikvision. They offer a variety of security cameras, with their claim to fame being their super starlight series.

Although we don’t have much experience with Tiandy, you can check out a review of them from Pipl Systems – Tiandy CCTV Camera System Review.


  • Low prices
  • Plenty of details in the video
  • Starlight sensor for low-light capabilities


  • Potential reliability issues (plastic housing)
  • Web interface leaves a lot to be desired
  • Difficult to contact for technical support

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