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Installer’s Guide to Alula Intrusion and Alarm Systems

Alula Company Profile

Branded in 2018 as Alula, the company’s history goes back to the early 2000’s when the team consisted of two separate companies: ipDataTel and Resolution Products. Both companies worked closely together in the security alarm industry; Resolution Products developed the SecureSmart Helix which would later become the Alula Connect+

Furthermore, ipDataTel manufactured a universal alarm panel communicator, known as the IPD-BAT-LTE. The technology from that product would later become Alula’s BAT-CONNECT; a device used for takeover and upgrading of older alarm panels from DSC, Interlogix/GE, Honeywell, and Napco.

The two companies merged to form Alula, creating a partner-first focused platform for professional alarm dealers. Alula offers a variety of solutions for installers, such as intrusion sensors, wireless sirens, touchpads, and more.

Alula Products – Connect+ Hub

For new installations, Alula’s Connect+ hub can do everything a tradition alarm panel does and more. The Connect+ is one of the fastest and easiest alarm systems to install, increasing the number of jobs you can take per day.

One benefit of the Alula Connect+ is that it communicates wirelessly via 2.4 ~ 2.5 GHz to the intrusion sensors, keypad, and sirens. This means you save a lot of time since you don’t need to run wires for the sensors.

The Connect+ is very reliable; it has a built-in backup battery and can be ordered with a 4G/LTE sim card. This allows for continuous alarm monitoring during an internet or power outage, or if an intruder cuts your internet line.

Lastly, the Alula Connect+ hub supports an optional Z-Wave card, allowing you to control your smart home devices from the Alula app. The Alula app also supports scenes: Want to turn on a light when motion is detected? Scenes allow you to automate your home in many ways, using a simple trigger-and-action concept.

Alula Connect+ on living room table
Alula's Connect+ hub has a modern, sleek look. It should be installed near the router.

Alula Products – Intrusion Sensors, Glass Breaks, Flood Detectors

Alula makes some of the best sensors in the alarm industry and has been doing so for over 12 years. They carry the typical sensors such as:

Alula’s sensors are wireless and powered via internal batteries. The batteries typically last for ~5-10 years, depending on the sensor. Their motion sensors are pet-immune, designed to ignore motion from animals. The sensors are also designed in a minimalistic way, to blend into any environment.

Alula Sensors Intrusion, Glass Break, Motion, and Flood
Alula sells a variety of wireless sensors, including intrusion, glass break, smoke, and flood.

Alula BAT-CONNECT – Upgrade Existing Security Systems

The Alula BAT-CONNECT is a universal communicator designed to upgrade existing security panels with smartphone controls, video, and home automation capabilities. This typically requires four wires to be connected from the alarm panel bus to the comm bus on the BAT-CONNECT. For DSC panels you also need to wire the TIP and RING terminals, for a total of six wires.

After installing the BAT-CONNECT, it will take over and auto-program the existing alarm panel. You will then be able to arm and disarm the panel from the Alula app.

In addition, the BAT-CONNECT has a built-in LTE-M SIM card, allowing for continuous alarm monitoring even if your internet goes offline.

For step-by-step instructions on installing this product, including panel compatibility, view the Installation Guide for BAT-CONNECT.

Another excellent resource is this video: Alula BAT-Connect Field Install Webinar

You need to connect six wires to the BAT-CONNECT when upgrading a DSC alarm panel.
You need to connect six wires to the BAT-CONNECT when upgrading a DSC alarm panel.

Getting Started with Alula – Become an Alula Dealer

Before installing your first Alula system, you will need to register for an Alula Connect Portal account. The Alula Connect Portal allows you to manage your customers, devices, and central stations within the Alula platform.

To register for an Alula dealer account, visit the Alula Pro Signup page and enter your company’s information. Afterwards, you will be invited to a brief onboarding session, where a member of Alula will familiarize you with the basics of the Alula Connect interface.

Once you have your dealer account, you can login to and add your first customer.

For addition training, you can visit and register for a free account. Alula provides training videos and quizzes on a variety of topics, including:

  • Connect+ Hub
  • Alula Connect Dealer Portal
  • Alula Video Services & Cameras

Where to Buy Alula Intrusion and Alarm Systems

You can purchase Alula from a variety of distributors; there’s a list of Alula Distributors on their website.

In addition, you can purchase Alula products directly from XLR Security if you have an account. Visit our Alarm & Intrusion page for an organized list of all the Alula products available. Login to your account to see pricing.

If you don’t have an account, you can register for one easily on this page: Dealer Registration – Become a Dealer Today!

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