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Uniview 4MP Dual Dome Camera – Testing & Review

The Uniview 4MP Dual Dome camera is two cameras in one. Everything has been doubled – this camera has two built-in microphones, two IR lights, and two 4MP resolution sensors.

Both domes can be aimed independently of each other. The camera takes up a single IP address on the network, but will use two channels on an NVR.

This camera uses a new junction box, called TR-JB08-IN (sold separately). It must be used when installing the camera on the exterior of a building – it also has two 3/4″ threaded holes for conduit access. There is also a rear 3/4″ hole, allowing for the junction box to be ceiling-mounted using the TR-CM24-IN pendent mount bracket.

Specsheet & Product Page

Video Review

Our video review will give you a solid understanding of how this camera works. If you prefer to read, you can keep scrolling down for the rest of this article.

Installation & Setup

First, mount the camera in a location where you can take advantage of both lenses. So, if you need to monitor a hallway, try mounting it in the middle of the hall. Or if you need to view a parking lot, mount it centered to the lot.

When you aim the lenses, they will each cover a 98° field of view. This allows you to get 180° of coverage, with a slight overlap in the middle.

You can also aim the lenses opposite from each other. This could work in a grocery store, allowing you to mount the camera between the aisle, with one camera covering each aisle.

Remove the cover to aim the lens. You should mount the camera first, then adjust the lenses.

Image Quality

A camera with poor image quality is not a particularly helpful camera. You don’t need to worry, because the 4MP Dual Dome camera presents an excellent image. While these cameras are not 8MP ‘4K’ resolution, I don’t feel like we’re missing much. These cameras have a sharp image, and at night they perform better than a Uniview 8MP turret.

During the day, the images from this camera are sharp, colour-accurate, and smooth. There is something very satisfying about the motion presented by this camera – it’s as though the camera is recording at a high framerate (even though it’s a standard 25fps).

This is because of a new image processing chip used in the camera. The image processing chip is optimized for smoother motion, and extra clarity around moving objects. Let’s take a look at some examples below.

Here's a car driving by during the day. The video is smooth and sharp on both cameras.
This is how the camera looks at night. The snowflakes look soft and fluffy.

AI Vehicle & Person Detection

This camera has the ability to recognize people, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles (such as bicycles). The AI detection can be enabled on either of the two cameras. From our testing, this feature works well, even in snowy weather.

You can setup cross line detection, which is a virtual tripwire that will detection people moving past it. Or, you can setup intrusion detection, which detects people or vehicles within a certain area.

When a person or vehicle is detected by the camera, they will have a red box around them. You can see in the example below, the UPS truck & driver both show the red box while moving. This means the AI detection is working, and the camera is recognizing them.

This AI detection allows you to search playback for events more easily, since human and vehicles will be highlighted on the playback timeline. You can also trigger the EZView app to send a push notification when the crossline or intrusion zone is tripped, allowing you to quickly check on your cameras.

Take note of the red bounding-box around the UPS truck and driver. This means the camera recognizes them, using AI.

Final Thoughts

Before testing this camera, I was not too excited about this camera. It seemed like two dome cameras stuck together, and not much else. However, after testing and using this camera for a week, I realize that my initial impression was wrong.

This camera is one of the better cameras Uniview has released recently. It works great for commercial plazas, retail stores, and hallways. It also has the potential to save installation time, since can run a single cable and get two camera views from it.

The Uniview 4MP Dual Dome cameras have excellent image quality, which leaves a good impression on whoever is viewing them. By choosing this camera, you get two 4MP dome cameras, improved image sensors, in one compact package.

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