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Uniview’s Product Lineup: Most Popular Cameras in 2024

As a distributor for Uniview, one of the questions we commonly hear is: Which security cameras are the most popular? And which ones have the best image quality?

To answer that question, let’s take a look at the best selling cameras from 2023 to help us make predictions for the upcoming year.

Best selling Uniview cameras in 2023

Below is a list of the top 5 selling cameras from the past year. This is based on sales data in Canada, but should be representative of other countries as well.

  1. Uniview 8MP Turret CameraIPC3618SR3-ADF28KM-G
  2. Uniview 4MP Turret CameraIPC3614SR3-ADF28KM-G
  3. Uniview 8MP Turret w/advanced AI featuresIPC3618SB-ADF28KM-I0
  4. Uniview 4MP Dome CameraIPC324SR3-DSF28KM-G
  5. Uniview 8MP ColorHunterIPC3638SE-ADF28K-WL-I0

According to this data, 5MP cameras are not selling as well compared to 8MP and 4MP cameras. This is likely due to the cost-effectiveness of the 4MP cameras, which makes them an easy buy for budget-minded security professionals.

Meanwhile, the 8MP cameras offer ~20% better image quality compared to 5MP cameras with only a small price difference

Which Uniview cameras are popular in 2024?

I think the trend from last year will continue, with 4MP & 8MP cameras continuing to sell the most. We may also see an uptick in the sale of black stlye cameras, since houses are increasingly renovated with black trim soffit.

I’ve compiled a list of our predictions for 2024 below:

Uniview 8MP ColorHunter – Large 1/1.8″ sensor, excellent low-light performance

This camera surprised us when it came out  – we couldn’t believe how great the image quality was! That’s why we took it to Niagara Fall to test the image quality.

Since releasing in July 2023, this camera has been our #1 recommendations because of it’s image quality. It performs great during the day, and outshines most other cameras at night. It has a powerful LED floodlight that turns on when it gets dark, to keep the image in colour.

Based on feedback from our customers, the 8MP ColorHunter lives up to our praise. They love how it performs, and have said many positive things about it so far.

Oh, and you can also turn the camera’s light steady use it as a porch light. Talk about useful!

The big boss of security cameras. Expect to see a lot more of these in 2024!

Uniview 8MP Standard Turret – Cost-effective, simple, and reliable

The most popular Uniview camera in 2023 was the 8MP standard turret. It may not be the most exciting camera, but it gets the job done. It has excellent image quality, and basic AI features such as human detection.

The camera also has a built-in microphone, and infrared illumination up to 30m (98ft) which provides black & white video at night. It’s also IP67 weather rated, which makes it suitable for use outdoors in harsh weather.

You can click the image below to watch our video review of this camera. The 8MP turret was our best selling camera in 2023 and we expect it to be just a popular in 2024.

Uniview 4MP Dual Light Camera – Great value but polarizing looks

This camera released early in 2023 but was not as popular as we expected. Will 2024 be the year where it finally takes the spotlight?

We’ve heard a few complaints about the look of this 4MP dual light camera. People are not happy that it has a partially white and black body. This makes it difficult to hide on a drop ceiling, and causes the camera to stand out in almost any location.

It does have a lot of features, including two-way audio, IR and built-in floodlight, and a microSD card slot. Will that be enough to convince the doubters to buy it? We’ll have to wait and see.

While most are divided on the looks, many agree this camera has a lot of great features.

Final Thoughts

As of publishing this article on January 8th, we are still early in the year. I’m sure there will be exciting new cameras released by Uniview this year, such as their Villa Door Station or the Tri-Guard 2.0 Series. 

You can follow us on our social media, where we will be covering Uniview products as they get released. We also publish videos on our YouTube Channel – @xlrsecurity, which demonstrate the image quality and performance of these cameras.

Lastly, you can call or email us if you need to purchase Uniview for your home or business. Thanks for reading this article, enjoy the rest of your day!

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