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Case Study: Uniview protects Electronics Recycling Depot


ReCycle Solutions is Canada’s largest e-waste recycling company. They provide cost-effective recycling for electronic waste, with a focus on environmental sustainability. 

They reduce waste by taking old IT equipment, securely deleting the data, and refurbishing it for resale. This reduces the number of electronics ending up in a landfill, and is one of the many ways ReCycle is committed to the environment.

Expanded Operations, Furthering Security

ReCycle recently expanded their operations in Ontario to keep up with the growing demand for electronics recycling. This meant they needed a new office, and were looking to install a video surveillance system to meet their requirements.

One of the requirements for electronics recyclers is 60-days of continuous CCTV recording. This is necessary to be listed as an R2 Certified Recycler, and approved by the Canadian Government as a suitable recycling depot.

"Effective security controls... shall include... closed circuit camera systems with at least 60 days of recordings covering all areas of the facility where equipment or components containing data are received, stored, or passed through".

Uniview System, Installed by Citadel Cameras

The owners of ReCycle contacted Citadel Cameras, a security installation company with expertise in CCTV cameras and Uniview equipment. They choose Citadel due to their previous experience in similar projects, and knowledge of video surveillance.

Since the facility is quite large, multiple fisheye cameras were used to secure the area. These fisheye cameras provide a 360° field of view when installed on the ceiling. This allowed the owners of ReCycle to view their warehouse and ensure things were running smoothly.

In addition to the fisheyes, more than a dozen Uniview 8MP turret cameras were installed in the office and exterior of the building. This resulted in full building coverage, including the parking lot, offices, and warehouse.

A Uniview fisheye camera installed on the ceiling of a warehouse
Fisheye cameras were used to provide 360° coverage of the facility.

Clean Server Rack w/Uniview 64ch NVR

All of the networking equipment, including a Uniview 64ch NVR and managed PoE switches, was installed inside of a network cabinet. The installation team connected the patch panels and switches together using 6-inch patch cables. Afterwards, all cameras were labelled on the patch panel, making the system easier to manage.

Since ReCycle needed the system to record for at least 60-days, we installed 8*8TB hard drives in the NVR for a total of 64TB of storage. This is more than sufficient for 60-days, especially with H.265 advanced U-Code compression.

A network rack full of switches, patch panels, and networking cables
All cameras were connected to the patch panel and neatly labeled.

Final Thoughts

After the system was operational, we provided training for the staff at ReCycle Solutions. They were happy to see how the cameras worked, and were impressed by their image quality.

Now they can relax, knowing their building is being monitored by Uniview security cameras. They have room to add additional cameras if required, since they have a 64ch NVR installed.

If you’re looking to install a similar system for your commercial offices, please send us an email or give us a call. You can find our contact information here.

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