How to Update Uniview Cameras Firmware

Importance of Firmware UpgradesIt’s important to keep your camera’s firmware upgraded to the latest version for a variety of reasons. Occasionally, vulnerabilities are discovered in the firmware which can be…

Should I Use a 2.8mm or 4.0mm Lens?

Security Camera Lens Types In the security industry today, there are two common lens types used: Fixed Lens and Varifocal Lens. For fixed lenses, you will often find them in…

Why Uniview is the Preferred Brand for Security Installers

Uniview is a brand of network security cameras with a focus on delivering quality security cameras at an affordable price. Next, Uniview is also a brand that values partnerships with local distributors, dealers, and customers. Lastly, the brand represents a product that is easy to install and intuitive for people to use.

Uniview Tri-Guard Series – Key Technology and Features

Uniview Tri-Guard Series is like having a floodlight, microphone, and loudspeaker packed into a small turret or mini-bullet camera housing. Designed to prevent crimes at night, the Uniview Tri-Guard series can alert and deter intruders when events happen, while providing colour information in low-light environments.

Uniview Security Advantages

As one of the leading manufacturers of security cameras worldwide, Uniview is committed to making its products transparent and secure. Uniview's security features are built-in to each of their products, allowing for a reliable product experience free of worry.