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Uniview Products Guide

Uniview – Not Just Security Cameras

Although Uniview started by making CCTV cameras, they continuously expanded their solutions through research and investment. In addition to security cameras, Uniview offers a complete line of the following products:

  • Network video recorders
  • Hybrid video recorders (TVI, CVI, AHD, CVBS & IP)
  • Video management servers (UNV VMS)
  • Network storage servers
  • Touchscreen displays for video conferencing
  • Uniview Software (IP discovery tools, viewing software & more)

So that’s great, Uniview has a variety of products, but you want to know more about their security cameras and NVRs. In the next section we’ll cover Uniview’s different IP camera lines, including their Easy, Prime, and Pro series.

Uniview Cameras – Easy, Prime, & Pro Series

Uniview’s NVR and cameras are split into three categories which differ in function, pricing, and performance. The Easy Series is the entry level, followed by the Prime Series for advanced features, and finally the Pro Series which includes Uniview’s top-of-the-line cameras and video recorders.

Uniview Easy Series

Products from the Easy Series are a popular choice for residential and small business applications. Devices from this series include the 8ch Uniview Kit, 2MP Wireless Bullet, and IPC3614LB turret camera. These cameras are cost-effective, easy to maintain, and offer Ultra H.265 video compression. Some drawbacks include cheaper materials for the camera housing and lack of smart analytics in some models. 

You can view all products from the Easy Series by visiting our shop page: Easy Series – XLR Security

Uniview Easy Series Banner
A lineup of IP cameras and NVRs from the Uniview Easy Series

Uniview Prime Series

Next up, we have the middle tier “Prime Series” UNV cameras. Compared to the easy series, the prime series has upgraded hardware features such as WDR, audio, alarm, and SD card slots. Uniview prime series cameras also feature Smart Intrusion Prevention: A deep-learning algorithm which triggers alerts from people, vehicles, and cyclists only.

Within the prime series, you can find powerful cameras such as Uniview’s 5MP ColorHunter Turret, a professional camera for colour imaging in ultra-low light conditions. Prime series cameras are commonly used in commercial applications, and they are the most popular series of Uniview in Canada. To view all prime series UNV cameras, visit our shop page: Prime Series – XLR Security

Uniview Prime Series Banner
Uniview's Prime Series cameras strike the perfect balance of performance and value

Uniview Pro Series

Last but not least, we have the Pro Series IP camera line from Uniview. These cameras have special features not found in other cameras; 4K video at 30fps, automatic license plate recognition, fiber SFP ports, are a few of the features unique to the Pro Series. These cameras are made for complex environments, enterprise, and project applications. All cameras in the UNV Pro Series are built with intelligent, deep learning chipsets that allow for precise analytics and excellent light-gathering capacity.

A standout product from the Pro Series is the HC121@TS8CR-Z bullet camera with license plate recognition, 10x motorized lens, and white-light LEDs. This camera can read license plates up to 50m away and compare the plate with an internal whitelist or blacklist database. If the plate matches, a built-in relay output will send a signal to vehicle barrier, which can open or deny entry based on your configuration.

For more information including pricing and camera specs, visit the shop page: Pro Series – XLR Security

Uniview NVRs – Entry to Enterprise Level Sytems

From a basic 4ch NVR to a 256ch enterprise video server with 24 HDD slots, Uniview has a wide range of NVRs to cover any scenario. This includes NVR301, NVR302, NVR304, NVR308, and NVR516, and NVR824 series network video recorders. We’ll cover all of these recorders, including Uniview hybrid XVR Series and discussing the advantages of each tier.

NVR301 Series – Affordable 4K Recorder

Starting with the NVR301 Series, these NVRs are available in 4ch and 8ch configurations with one SATA slot. Despite being the most affordable system, these units are still capable of recording up to 8MP cameras. They also feature quality-of-life features such as one-click firmware upgrades, built-in PoE, and adding to a smartphone by scanning a QR code.

NVR302 Series – UNV Smart Features

Next, we have the Uniview’s NVR302 Series which have support for fisheye dewarping, face detection, and license plate recognition. These recorders have two SATA slots and are available in 8ch and 16ch units. The newest entry to this series is the Uniview NVR302-16E2-P16, a unit capable of outputting VGA and HDMI with independent video layouts. This means you can have two monitors displaying separate cameras, up to 16 views per monitor.

Furthermore, the UNV NVR302 Series features alarm inputs and outputs, allowing you to tie this into an alarm system or trigger external devices. For example, if an intruder crosses a line on the camera, you can have the NVR hooked up to a zone on your alarm system. This will trip the alarm and notify the monitoring company that someone is on your property.

The NVR302 Series can be rack-mounted by purchasing the UNV-2150C0B1 rack mount ears accessory. 

NVR304 & NVR308 Series – Higher Capacity, up to 64ch Recording

Third, we have the NVR304 and NVR308 Series video recorders. The NVR304 Series is available in 16ch and 32ch versions, while the NVR308 Series is available in 32ch and 64ch versions. They come with four SATA slots and eight SATA slots respectively, allowing for increased storage capacity with multiple hard drives. The NVR308 Series also supports raid mode (-X and -R models only), which can keep your recorded video safe even if a hard drive fails.

All Uniview NVR304 and NVR308 video recorders can be rack mounted with the included rack mount ears.

NVR516 & 824 Series – Uniview’s Pro Series NVRs

If you ever run into a situation where you need 128 or 256 cameras to be installed, Uniview’s NVR516 and NVR824 Series have you covered. These enterprise-grade systems have advanced features such as power redundancy, dual BIOS, four NIC ports, and powerful hardware to encode hundreds of cameras simultaneously. If additional storage is needed, these units have two miniSAS ports to connect with a UNV Disk Enclosure.

Uniview Product Banner NVR Highlights
A two-page PDF brochure with an overview on Uniview NVRs - Click image to view full brochure

Uniview Accessories – Mounting Brackets

Uniview has a full catalog of accessories for mounting cameras, including junction boxes, wall brackets, ceiling pendant mounts, and more. To find the correct bracket for your UNV camera, you can download the Uniview IPC Accessories Installation Guide (2022 Q1).  This document contains everything you need to choose the right bracket for your camera.

You can visit our store page for a full list of UNV brackets and specifications: Uniview Camera Mounts – XLR Security

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